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April 11, 2011


This post concerns me for the fact that the person who wrote it claims to have been fired for it. I do believe that this would be illegal to fire someone over a Google post.

And if he is so concerned start blogging and working on his "brand" so that this is not the first thing that comes up but newer more positive things.

If you read closely, you'll notice he said he wasn't fired for a Google post, but for the "incident at Duquesne".

Thanks for posting this, it's a great reminder of the power of the internet and social media. A very tough lesson to learn.

Yes, the issue is that this was covered extensively in the press, and sympathetically by the right-wing press as a free speech case in 2005.

However, the writer is now the wizened old age of 24, perhaps 25. A few years abroad, a shift to favoring a middle name (R Englebert Miner) over the Ryan form, and a decent work history -- all would tend to make this decrease in visibility very fast.

In fact, a brighter spark would've started using the rearranged nome de travail and not written a career blogger crying.

@Karen and @Paul: Very interesting point about drawing renewed attention to the controversy with this blog post. Although I didn't initially perceive it that way, I am inclined to at least partially agree. Thanks for the insights!

@Laura: Yes, that's right. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

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