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February 28, 2011


Hey Alexandra. Virtually everyone I know, men and women alike, have been conditioned to toe-the-line and had their innate confidence of spirit crushed at some point in their education or upbringing; and it may well be that women have copped it worse than men.

I write about confidence for men partly because I think some of the underlying issues are different between the sexes; but mostly because I have no experience being a woman who lacks confidence. But it would be interesting to see though whether the tips I recommend for guys in my free online course work as well for women as for men.

Do you think the issues are fundamentally different, or is it just a matter of the degree to which many women's innate confidence has been shattered along the way?

Keep up the good work! Graham

I think that confidence in women is sometimes not accepted in the same way it is for men. In fact when women display confidence they can often be described as "Ballsy" and even "aggressive" which is really not the same thing. The same confidence displayed by both sexes may as your title suggest take the man further.

I don't believe this means we should conform to this and not be proud of our accomplishments just challenge how this viewed by those around us?

You ask "Men, how can you help us master your secrets to success?"

Candidly, I do what you do--I worry and work hard to prepare for every presentation. And I do everything I can to get feedback. For example, often, if the organization doesn't give attendees an evaluation form, I make up my own and ask people to fill it out and leave it on a table in the back.

@Marty: Good suggestion, and glad to hear that I'm not being overly insecure!

@Graham: Thanks! Where can we get more info on your confidence course for men?

@Sarah: I totally agree. Thanks for the comment!

Great post. As one who was brought up in the speaking arena I can tell you it is not easy for men or women. It is sad in the churches for years that women have been held down, because they are better at so many things than men. The times are changing though and more and more I believe we will see women out-performing the men. Do not despair your time is now and I believe you will outshine us men. We need women like you with the backbone to never ever give up. On my own website I often refer to leaders as him/her or he/she because I believe leaders are made up of both men and women. Hope you will visit sometime and let us inspire you as you have inspired me.

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