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August 12, 2010


I am very eager to start my business these days and reading almost every article that could help me to start my own business. I learnt many things about starting a business from your article, thanks for posting.

@CO: Glad to hear it, thanks for reading!

Is having programming expertise necessary for eBay?

If you're only really asknig about training, then it would depend on the size of the business. If there's only about 1 10 people, then it would usually be the duty of the owner to train new staff, as he or she would be the person with the most interest in ensuring that everyone knows what they are doing. If you go into 10 30 or so staff, you'd probably have an operational or production manager who should take care of training.Most businesses don't fail because of inadequate training though. As you pointed out, it's more about lack of planning. I ran my own small businesses for a few years, and I made sure to only hire people that didn't need any training!Is your concern that businesses fail because of no proper training programs?

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