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April 29, 2010


Great points, all are interconnected as well.

With helping others (humbly & passionately), while not asking anything in return ... you build great & deep relationship with others.

I was able to move forward some of the tasks of the project with the help of others because I have great relationship through helping them months/years before.

Word of caution: Make sure you don't overstep the boundary with other managers; From experience, you would lose the assistance due to authority.

nice article. This is very useful. I happened to lead a research group once and I really had a hard time thinking of how should I approach them without being bossy or anything. Actually, I did exactly what you are saying here in your article. And for the whole year, the team did a good job.

I think that leading from the bottom, or middle, or wherever is a great idea. It is the people who can lead from any position without holding it over the heads of their coworkers that are most likely to rise in their professions regardless of circumstances.

@Ian: Great to see you around. Hope you've been doing well since SXSW!

@AW: So glad to hear it!

@DC: Right, true leadership really doesn't have much to do with official position if you think about it.

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