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February 08, 2010


Great Blog, we are currently reading "They Don't Teach Corporate In College" for one of my classes, there is a lot of great information in there! I graduate in May and I started a website to hopefully show prospective employers. Please check it out and help me promote it!

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Thanks for the suggestions, I had not heard of the concept of an "emotional bank account" before. I'm sure that we all have relationships that are important to us for our further growth an success. Putting effort in where it counts will probably go a long way.

Karma at work; what an awesome way to think of the give-and-take of work relationships. Thanks for the image. Nice post.

It's funny how when we're at work we have to be reminded of the fact that we're dealing with PEOPLE. The suggestions you mention are so basic in developing courteous human relationships, yet we somehow believe we can check that attitude at the door when we walk in to the office, and save it up for family and friends.

Thanks for this reminder.

I completely agree, Alexandra! Practicing good karma at work can only help you. You offer some wonderful tips on keeping work relationships productive.

I, too, have found my employees are more engaged when they are given praise for their superior work, and who doesn't love it when their birthday is recognized? We actually acknowledges their birthdays on our LinkedIn group (since we're a virtual team working in different parts of the country).

Thanks, Alexandra. As always, you provide some great insights here!


@Adrienne: I love hearing that, thank you! What school do you go to?

@DC: You should check out Covey's book. I think you'd like it.

@Krista: Thank you, and thanks for reading and commenting!

@Bradley: I know, and then we wonder why we're always having interpersonal conflicts at work!

@Heather: An interstate virtual team? I'm so thrilled for you!

@alexandra I go to Ball State University. A class called comm 401 is required to graduate and "They Don't Teach Corporate In College" is required reading. I have pulled a lot of "nuggets" from the book, especially about networking and corporate persona. Thank you so much!


Picked up the link to "Practice good Karma at work" off the AVMA Newbites (2/16) and I'm glad I did. Congradulations.

@Adrienne: I'd love to come and speak at Ball sometime. It's right around the corner!

@Michael: Glad to have you, and thanks for reading!

I'm sure I could set that up for you, probably on like a large lecture scale but without a doubt for the class that the book is used in. I have a contact form on or you can email me at [email protected]

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