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January 25, 2010


Being a published author with multiple books to your credit by age 33 doesn't sound so bad!

Right! It was refreshing to read your transparent analysis of your career, particularly at a moment when I've had some question marks come up about my own direction. While having a vision sustains the speaker/author/coach/trainer, it's vital to have it align with our vision for family. While my partner and I haven't started ours, I'm already looking at how to better maximize professional opportunities at home so I won't have to live on a plane and be a virtual mom. You make such a contribution through all that you do (and I'm only privy to the public aspects!). Thank you again for showing some of the seams for how you get it all done.

We should have role models. I know that I used to be so stubborn that I thought I could pave my own path, but I was wrong. It really helps to have role models to help us understand more of ourselves. Mine are Seth Godin, Havi Brooks, and Chris Brogan.

I see how well they communicate and it motivates me to keep improving my own skills.

@DC: Thanks for the reality check. I need and appreciate it!

@Alexia: This comment made my day. Thank you so much. I don't think balancing a career and family is ever easy, but it can be done. My goal is to just keep improving and chugging along one day at a time.

@Karl: These are great role models! I'm not too familiar with Havi's work, and you've inspired me to check it out. Thanks!

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