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March 23, 2009


In this economy, the temptation is to accept the first offer. I've watched several hires negotiate salary and perks even in this job situation. Don't fold too quickly on salary and perks. Once you're inside, the raises are much slower.

Jobnob is really a swell looking site. My clients will be interested.

@Dan: Thanks for the reality check. The bad economic situation won't last forever and people need to be able to negotiate.

What a great site! Thanks for posting about it. I may one day decide to reenter the working outside the home masses and since I've been home for almost 2 years, salaries have likely changed a lot.

@Nancy: Thanks so much! I don't think salaries have changed TOO much in the last two years, it's just that the current job market is tougher with the current recession. Hope you'll hang out here with us!

According to the median eanngris for a typical lawyer is 102k. Government lawyers have salary caps whereas private lawyers have no caps, private lawyers have the potential to make much more money.In May 2008, the median annual eanngris of all wage-and-salaried lawyers were $102,470. The middle half of the occupation earned between $69,910 and $145,600. Median annual eanngris in the industries employing the largest numbers of lawyers in May 2008 were:Management of companies and enterprises $128,610 Federal Government 119,240 Legal services 108,100 Local government 78,810 State government 75,840The big money comes from class action lawsuits, generally these are only done by private law firms.

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