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February 02, 2009


I'm intrigued by this kind of group work. Makes terrific sense. Although most of us can do a lot on our own, accountability groups such those focused on employment have a lot going for them.

Studies show again and again that when group members have a common objective, shared commitment and valid information, not only does learning take place, but a lot of motivation resides within a group. Those interested might want to check out a superb piece of research in the Harvard Business Review. (Jon Katzenbach, The Discipline of Teams, July 2000)

Although the huge majority of my work is one-on-one coaching with execs, whenever possible, I'll always take a small group to coach and facilitate--over a period of time. The accountability issues that surface are very powerful.

Dan Erwin,

@Dan E - Thanks! Do you happen to have a copy of the HBR paper? It sounds like something I might want to write about here.

Thanks for the mention, Alex. And thanks to Dan Erwin for his valuable piece of evidence that this thing actually works!

I had an interview Monday that I thought I had nailed. But I was emailed yesterday by the interviewer with a kind rejection. And tonight I have a Job Club meeting: no time for paralysis to set in, I've got a meeting to go to!

In this economy Job Clubs strike a nerve. See the article in Monday's Tacoma News Tribune ( ) — people are hungry for something that will give them an edge. And for folks who need to show an example of leadership or organizational skills, this model provides a great work sample.

Zak Nelson,

Thanks for posting the link. I live out in the sticks and didn't expect to find any useful groups local to me, but several came up on a search within reasonable driving distances. The site is definitely worth taking the time to check out.

@jobseeker: That's great news, and I'm pleasantly surprised. Let us know whether you find the groups useful, okay?

@Zak: Sounds like you're going about things in exactly the right way. I appreciate you being a role model for other readers having a tough time in the job market right now.

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