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February 27, 2008


You don't really know who anyone reviewing your resume is, especially anyone offering resume writing services online, but even the people in your career center or university. Razume lets you see if someone is doing a good review (for free) before you buy other services from them (like writing a cover letter).

How interesting! It's interesting that there are recruiters out there who are actually willing to look over people's resumes for them. You'd think they'd be sick of resumes after looking at them all day! This site seems like it could offer help in one hand and confusion in the other if the user gets conflicting advice!

Thanks for the additional information, Brendan!

Hi Erika, thanks for commenting, and I agree. But I guess conflicting advice is a part of life. This is one of the reasons I only ask one or two people for guidance on any particular thing!

Sorry to be late to comment...I've just made my way to your blog and plan to visit regularly!

I'm a Featured Expert Razume reviewer, and I agree that resume writers on the site must consider the source of reviews. I always include my website and blog site so readers can evaluate my work and credentials. When other resume writers comment, there is always a link to their own resume.

I've seen some suggestions from members of the Razume community that are not in line with how I would advise. Most comments are generally good, though. It appears that many, many people have not been reading up on how to write a resume, and Razume is a good resource for them.

I spend some time posting reviews at Razume each week because I hope my comments may help a job seeker get on the right track! I like to make an impact, and Razume offers an opportunity to help people who really need it.

Another way job seekers may use the site is to seek feedback from trusted friends and family members. The review tools make it easy for contacts to comment.

Take care,
Miriam Salpeter
Keppie Careers

Personally I would prefer to keep my bottles and open...

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