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December 17, 2009


I couldn't agree more -- these are great suggestions! You could also ask for projects that would provide greater visibility, especially if you know you can use your talents to really shine in front of higher-ups. It makes you look good and your supervisor look good for hiring such as star. Everyone wins.

Hi Alexandra

I hope your readers take your advice to heart and turn it into action – especially the task-oriented ones, like me! Those of us who tend to be more oriented toward information and doing the work than relationships, incorrectly assume that our knowledge or productivity will speak for itself letting us off the hook for speaking for ourselves. Rather than seeing talking about ourselves as shameless self-promotion, we need to start seeing it as our responsibility. We have a responsibility to let team members and decision makers know what we have to offer, how we can contribute and how we are making things better. We are always happy when we find out about a product or service that is “just what we need.” How are we going to find out about these things if someone, somewhere isn’t deliberately working on letting us know about them? Similarly how can we expect our bosses to find out about what we have to offer if we aren’t letting them know? So in the spirit of the holiday season, let's all go out and give the gift of US!!!

@Paula: Great to see you here thanks for the comment and additional suggestion!

@Suzanne: What an insightful comment. I think people can really benefit from this advice. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

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