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July 21, 2009


WONDERFUL post on being a powerful woman! I love all of the ways you've listed here. Excellent! If you're looking for powerful women, you might wnat to check out my site:, which focuses on positive images of women in the media.

Great post, Alexandra - especially in light of Hillary Clinton's recent observation during her trip to India that "Too many women in too many countries speak the same language... of silence." Here's to embracing our female fire power. Especially love tip #7...

Great stuff. The list is at the macro level. I have a micro level suggestion for women when at a conference table with men. Take more space. Sounds dumb, but all the nonverbal research emphasizes this. Women, as a rule, tend to take up less space on the table and less space talking in business meetings. Take as much, and occasionally more than the men. Interrupt them and don't let them interrupt you very easily. Social politeness rules don't always apply in the business decision making process.

@PP: Thanks for the link, will check it out.

@Manisha: Great tie-in to recent news. I really respect Hillary Clinton and think she's a fantastic female role model.

@Dan E: Very interesting. Thanks for providing us with something simple that we can do to increase our power today!

For women acting as 'free agents' she's spot on. In a situation where there's a team of men and women, I suspect her advice would be more nuanced.

Just discovered your blog via @pamslim; look forward to discovering more of your voice.

@Whitney: Pam's a fantastic resource, and I'm glad you found me through her. If you have any ideas for future posts, let me know!

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